Sights worth visiting

Dommartin-le-Franc – Metallurgic Park. The open-air Metallurgic Park was created in 2006. This park is about the knowledge of the steel industry in the north of the Haute-Marne and the south of the Meuse. Kolenhal in the history of art foundry is in the Haute-Marne and the outstanding industrial expertise explained through an interactive, varied trail.

dommartin le franc metallurgic parc


Sommevoire. A picturesque village, two churches, an important place in the artistic and decorative foundry, many sculptures, and a private “paradise”. More than a thousand plaster models of Antoine Durenne -geregistreerd in the Musée d’Orsay.

photo d'une statue réalisée à sommevoire

Joinville – Castle Le Grand Jardin. This 16th-century castle is considered a
of the most beautiful buildings of the French Renaissance. The castle garden is one of three Renaissance gardens that counts France.

Joinville_Chateau_Grand_Jardin_8293.JPG    chateau Joinville




Castle of Cirey-sur-Blaise. The castle is situated in the valley of the Blaise and owes its reputation to the writer and philosopher Voltaire, who resided from 1734 to 1749.

cirey sur blaise





Saint-Dizier is on the edge of the Champagne region, compared to Lorraine. The city has a rich history that largely came to light exceptional excavations. Saint-Dizier owes its fame mainly to the iron and art casting. Images in Art Nouveau style by Hector Guimard, but also contemporary works from the foundries of the Haute-Marne, adorn the streets and parks of the city.


Langres from the outside looks like a proud fortress guarding the border between Champagne and Burgundy: a skyline that from ancient city walls, impressive towers and countless belfries exists. Some streets in the old town Hide original passages, called by locals “against halberdiers. You can covered alleys and the secrets of this ancient city discovered in a city tour. The circuit of the city walls of 3.5 kilometers has been preserved over the centuries. From these walls, the view is amazing.

Chaumont discover is a different story: walking under the overpass, stroll through the town past the typical houses with small turrets, Christmas atmosphere gain the Nativity Museum, sniff the past in the fortified tower of the Donjon, to finish with a cultural dip in the Silos, where the book and the poster extensively to speak at the International Festival of Graphic Arts, held in June and July.


Montier-en-Der and the Pays du Der, around the Lac du Der, possess an exceptional heritage and are located in an unspoilt nature. Throughout the year there are to experience events in Montier: jazz festival in March, the Marathon du Der in June, eenpaardenshow in summer, horse races between June and August, the International Wildlife and Nature Photo Festival in November, and year-round concerts.


Colombey-les-deux-Eglises: the refuge of one of the most important heads of state of the twentieth century Officer, statesman and writer Charles de Gaulle, the man behind the call of June 18, 1940, leader of the Free French Forces, founder of the 5e Republic. Memorial Charles de Gaulle opened at the foot of the Lorraine Cross, in October 2008.

 Charles de Gaulle