With more than a hectare of forest per capita Haute-Marne is a paradise for nature lovers. Walking, riding or cycling through deep forests, along canals and lakes in nature with a wild flora and fauna.

On foot: The PDIRR (a departmental organization that expands hikes) have been expelled 104 fun tours, ranging from 5 to 90 kilometers. The signage is divided into color – blue for 5-10 km – green for 11-17 km – yellow for 18 km and more

Horse riding: The riding schools in the Haute-Marne, in the middle of nature, give you a warm welcome. Small and big riders can safely learn to ride or horseback riding. Enjoy your hobby accompanied by serious, sports instructors!

On the bike: Tour Der Lake 38 kilometers of cycle paths. The Lac du Der is the biggest artificial lake in Europe. Hundreds of kilometers of channels having outer edges and with very many small roads with little traffic, Haute Marne has many circuits of 30 to 167 kilometers

By car: Various theme trails, among others – Champagne route; – Wasplaats Route; – Abby Route

Mountain bike: More than a hundred of trails and trails through forests and along lakes. Mountain bike or bike rides through the whole department

Lake “Der”: The Lac du Der is place for every enthusiast who needs space: sailors, surfers and water skiers
Track Bicycle: The ‘cyclo rail’ is practiced on a piece of old railroad of 14 km between Andelot and Bologne on a special track bike. The tour starts at the station of the municipality Chantraines, at Andelot, in a meander of the river Rognon.

Swin golf: A decent site with a simple equipment, only one club that can do everything, smooth ball. Swin able to play together, no matter what age, what technical level and any physical condition. You play as master. A fun, yet sportive sports

Climbing: The department has three locations with natural walls where sports can be climbed. Clubs organize climbing expeditions. Indoor climbing is also possible, but of course on artificial walls

Predatory fish around Langres: Discover the predatory fish in the lakes around Langres: pike, zander, perch, catfish … Your instructor has “modern instruments” and provides valuable tips regarding the various techniques: fly fishing, casting, trolling, spuds, fishing bait, you name it. A fun outing for both novice fishermen and avid anglers

Hunting: With 250,000 hectares of forests, covering almost half of the department, the Haute-Marne is often considered one of the most wildlife-rich regions of France. This very green area is rich in wild boar, roe deer, deer. The forest north of Arc-en-Barrois is the largest hunting ground for large game throughout France.

The department has 8,000 licensed hunters. Often this number is complemented with 3,000 guest hunters from elsewhere.